Land Acknowledgements

Ready to go beyond a scripted land acknowledgement at your next meeting?

The time that was taken to explain the land acknowledgment and how that connects to our organization had a deep impact on making this more than just words being spoken at the beginning of our meetings. It allowed me to connect with the words and the meaning each and every time I use the acknowledgment.

Lena BouSaleh, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Servus Credit Union

A land acknowledgement is one step in your organization’s decolonial journey.

We recognize that Land Acknowledgements shouldn’t and can’t be the only step you take, and we incorporate this in both the acknowledgement and consultation. We will inspire you to take next steps. Think of this approach as more like a custom training, rather than a written exercise.

What do we provide?

  • Information on the general structure and reason for organizational Land Acknowledgements
  • A longer version, used for a single webpage, report/memo, or AGM
  • A shorter version for website header/footer, email signature
  • A pronunciation guide for both versions
  • Guidance on how both versions can be personalized for individual speakers
  • How to share this information within your organization

To give you a quote, we will need to know both where your organization is located (headquarters, field sites/offices) and where you work/serve.

Email to begin talking about how we can help you develop culturally respectful communications.