Project Management

My experience in project management is primarily in the non-tech, people-focused space (community based research, workplace wellbeing). For me, projects that focus on social change, particularly with Indigenous communities, are my passion and align with my goal to work where I can be of greatest value to support communities surging forward.

In people-centred work, we are often piloting programs and ideas to see what works in a dynamic, sometimes massive workforce or community setting. This is why I employ agile methods, allowing me to be hyper adaptive. I can do project charters and detailed plans. I’m happiest when I’m helping you use technologies like Asana or Trello to help you get setup with a Kanban board and work with adaptability and transparency.

I love working in, with, and for communities.



Kanban is a popular agile framework for continual improvement. It uses flow-based methods to visualize work processes in a Kanban board. The key tenet of Kanban is limiting work-in-progress to expose/alleviate bottlenecks and increase the amount of work that reaches the stage of “done.” Kanban can be applied anywhere, and I have experience implementing it for program management in interdisciplinary, cross-department work in a post-secondary setting.


As a certified Professional Scrum Master (, I have the skills to apply Scrum in any setting, adhering to the 3 roles, 3 artifacts, and 5 events in the framework.

Research Administration & Project Management

As a researcher and project manager, I have 9 years of experience working in academic institutions in partnership with Indigenous communities. I have training and experience in all facets of a project life cycle, including managing finances, human resources, and evaluation.


I will work with you to lay out a project scope and develop a flat project budget with deliverables.