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Are you ready to build your knowledge in mental health and Indigenous engagement?

Our style is supportive, interactive, and fun.

We strive to help you build psychologically and culturally safer spaces for individual, community, and workplace wellbeing. Reciprocity and good relations are foundational to our teaching philosophy and we have a team of guest facilitators to support this work.

Indigenous Engagement

Land Acknowledgements: Developing personal, authentic land acknowledgements that are grounded in relational principles.

– 2.5-hours delivered over 3 sessions

– 7-hour workshop

Mental Health

Educational workshops on mental health topics are led by a Registered Psychologist.

How to Train Your Thoughts: An introduction to using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to promote positive thinking habits, thereby improving the way we feel. Learn how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour are all connected.  

2020 Vision: Improving how we see ourselves & building a positive lens.

Creating Bonds: Develop tools to strengthen and build a healthy relationship with your partner. Framework is based on the Gottman method, a research-based approach to relationships.  Workshop is delivered by a Level 2 trained Gottman therapist. 

Parenting with Ease: Using everyday moments to improve your connection with your child(ren) and communication within the family. Parenting strategies on how to navigate the digital world will be highlighted.


We lead workshops in: mental health; individual, team, community, and workplace wellbeing; Indigenous community engagement; editing (including ESL and Indigenous-focused work); evaluation; and agile project management. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Pricing & how to register

IndividualsGroup: Non-Profit & EducationalGroup: Corporate & Industry
2.5-hour workshop$150/person. Sign up for an existing date or contact us to join a waitlist. $625 for a private group (max 5 participants). Contact Us to Book.$750 for a private group (max 5 participants). Contact Us to Book.
7-hour workshop$395/person. Sign up for an existing date or contact us to join a waitlist.$5,000/day for a private group (max 15 participants). Contact Us to Book$6,000/day for a private group (max 15 participants). Contact Us to Book.
Fees will vary depending on the scope of training, number of facilitators needed, and the number of participants. Travel costs and travel time are not included in this fee. Our workshops involve a team-based and mentorship approach, including youth and early career facilitators.

1:1 Consultations

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The information and resources presented in this workshop are for informational and educational purposes only. These are not clinical advice or treatment. If you are experiencing significant distress, seek treatment from a qualified professional. Mental health services are available through your province’s health services. If you or a loved one are in crisis, call 9-1-1 or present to the nearest emergency medical centre. 

For Alberta residents you can connect with Alberta Health Services

For British Columbia residents, there are resources and services available to you.

Finding a Psychologist

Most provinces have a professional association of registered psychologists for their province. These associations typically have a referral search feature to help you find a psychologist in your area. Below are the links to the Psychologists Association of Alberta and British Columbia. Psychologists typically pay a fee to be a member of these webpages, so the search results are limited to those who chose to pay that membership fee. The Alberta Government has also provided an overview of mental health resources

Find A Psychologist – Psychologists’ Association of Alberta

Find a Registered Psychologist | BC Psychological Association