The threads that run through my consulting work are: resilience, reciprocity, and relationality.


  • Editor, primarily serving those in education and medicine, specializing in ESL and Indigenous perspectives:
    • Graduate students
    • Academics / professors
    • Doctors / residents
  • Facilitator, sharing knowledge with the:
    • Education sector
    • Community groups
  • Agile Project Manager, diving into solutions for:
    • Post-secondary / higher education
    • Community organizations
  • Evaluator, qualitative-leaning, quantitative-informed for:
    • Social change research
    • Indigenous community engagement
    • Business analysis

I’m proudly working from Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil Waututh territory, also known as Vancouver, BC. I do most of my work digitally/remotely, but I am always open to discussion about travel. I understand that in-person, community-based work is important. I can often provide last-minute/rush services.


I’m a Metis person with ties to Manitoba and Alberta (prairie perspective). I get a lot of joy from working collaboratively, with a sense of hopefulness and forward-thinking, and I love making the plans, seeing the patterns, and figuring out how to achieve maximum impact with minimal resources. I value applying these gifts for societal change and community wellbeing, and I try to do that across all of my work.⁠

I have an MA with 10 years of experience as a project manager, primarily working in partnership with Indigenous communities and leading wellbeing initiatives in post-secondary. I enjoy (I’m not kidding) strategic planning, evaluation, facilitation, editing, and project management. I think of challenges as a puzzle and I use these skills to get further towards a solution.

Please read my land acknowledgement in the footer below for more information. You will find this on every page to ground the work.


Please contact me at alicia@edifiedprojects.com. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.