How to Find Passive Verbs in Microsoft Word

I like to share quick and easy ways you can review your own manuscript for common errors. Here is how to activate underlining passive verbs in Word:

Click File, then Options.

Click Proofing.

Click Settings in the section “When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word.”

Scroll down to the Styles section and click Passive Sentences. Click OK.

Check the Mark Grammar Errors As You Type check box. Click OK.

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Quick Word Count Choppers

This is a blog post I’ll update over time to include quick editing tips to reduce your word count.

  1. Use CTRL + F in a Word document or Google Doc to search for “ing.” Many academics are into writing, recording, and composing. Get it? I’m just showing you how they seem to use gerunds in a series of three. They include multiple variations on the same word when one will suffice. Using CTRL+F to find -ing words means you can focus on editing sentences that are unnecessarily wordy.

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