Alicia does all of her editing, writing, and research freelance work online, so she’s generally able to provide last-minute/rush services. She has experience editing for ESL (English as a Second Language) students and professionals.

Editing from top to bottom: Substantive, stylistic, and copy editing, plus proofreading

Alicia started in freelance editing because she was asked to edit one dissertation after another. Since then, she has edited teacher’s report card comments, cover letters and resumes, grants / funding applications, and various academic documents. She has experience editing for ESL (English as a Second Language) students and professionals. With her background and experience working with Indigenous communities (Metis and First Nations), she is able to provide a sensitivity read. For dissertations, she adheres to your institution’s guidelines to ensure your formatting and references are error-free.

  • medical / health care reports
  • academic articles [Subjects: Canadian content, social sciences, Anthropology, Indigenous partnerships, community engagement]
  • bibliographies & references [Specialties: APA, MLA, Chicago, AAA]
  • theses & dissertations [Master’s, PhD]
  • grant / funding proposals & reports [Expertise: SSHRC, CIHR, PolicyWise, Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta] – can apply Indigenous knowledge and decolonizing methodologies
  • resumes and CVs [Specialties: Junior to mid-career professionals]
  • personal statements for graduate school or medical residencies [Specialties: Junior to mid-career professionals, medical residents]
  • report card comments for teachers
  • online dating profiles
  • researching and fact-checking
  • handbooks and manuals


Alicia is a co-author on 13 peer-reviewed academic publications in Indigenous community engagement, community based participatory research, and other interdisciplinary journals.

  • research & academic writing [Expertise: community engagement, social sciences, humanities computing, applied research, anthropology, Indigenous / Metis / First Nations]
  • reports: funding, grant reporting, research reports, budgets

Academic Article: Fletcher, F., Hibbert, A., Hammer, B., & Ladouceur, S. (2017). Beyond Collaboration: Principles and Indicators of Authentic Relationship Development in CBPR. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 9(2).

Manual: Life Skills Journey Program, 7-10 Quick Guide


In general, pricing for editing services ranges from $12/page to $50/page, depending on text difficulty and editing needs. The most accurate way to determine pricing is for you to send Alicia a sample or scope outline.

We can work one of two ways:

1. With a flat project budget. This is determined by laying out a project scope.

Master’s and PhD theses, in general: $400 for up to 100 references in your bibliography; $600 for 101-150 references; and $800 for 151-200 references.

Resumes & cover letters: $50 for proofreading & reformatting; $100+ tailored to a particular job posting

2. On an hourly basis at a rate of $150/hr.

General Guidelines Difficult Texts (Academic, ESL) Standard Texts
Substantive, structural, or stylistic editing ~2 pages/hr~3 pages/hr
Copy editing ~4 pages/hr~6 pages/hr
Proofreading ~6 pages/hr ~8 pages/hr