I do all of my editing, writing, and research freelance work online, so I’m generally able to provide last-minute/rush services and I have experience editing for ESL (English as a Second Language) students and professionals.

Editing from top to bottom: Substantive, stylistic, and copy editing, plus proofreading

I started in freelance editing because I was asked to edit one dissertation after another. Since then, I have edited teacher’s report card comments, cover letters and resumes, and various academic documents. I have experience editing for ESL (English as a Second Language) students and professionals. For dissertations, I adhere to your institution’s guidelines to ensure your formatting and references are error-free.

  • medical / health care reports
  • academic articles [Subjects: Canadian content, social sciences, Anthropology, Indigenous partnerships, community engagement]
  • bibliographies & references [Specialties: APA, MLA, Chicago, AAA]
  • theses & dissertations [Master’s, PhD]
  • grant / funding proposals & reports [Expertise: SSHRC, CIHR, PolicyWise, Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta]
  • resumes and CVs [Specialties: Junior to mid-career professionals. I work and have a University of Calgary certificate in Human Resources]
  • personal statements for graduate school or medical residencies [Specialties: Junior to mid-career professionals, medical residents]
  • report card comments for teachers
  • online dating profiles
  • researching and fact checking
  • handbooks and manuals


I’m a co-author on 13 peer-reviewed academic publications. With a background in Anthropology and experience working with Indigenous communities in Canada, cultural competency is my added specialty.

  • research & academic writing [Expertise: community engagement, social sciences, humanities computing, applied research, anthropology, Indigenous / Metis / First Nations]
  • reports: funding, grant reporting, research reports, budgets
  • general content

Academic Article: Fletcher, F., Hibbert, A., Hammer, B., & Ladouceur, S. (2017). Beyond Collaboration: Principles and Indicators of Authentic Relationship Development in CBPR. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 9(2).

Community Report: Fletcher, F. & Hibbert, A. (2018) Life Skills Journey Program Impact Report 2018.

Manual: Life Skills Journey Program, 7-10 Quick Guide


In general, pricing for my editing services ranges from $12/page to $50/page, depending on text difficulty and editing needs. The most accurate way to determine pricing is for you to send me a sample or scope outline.

I can work one of two ways:

1. With a flat project budget. This is determined by laying out a project scope with you.

Master’s and PhD theses, in general: $400 for up to 100 references in your bibliography; $600 for 101-150 references; and $800 for 151-200 references.

Resumes & cover letters: $50 for proofreading & reformatting; $100+ tailored to a particular job posting

2. On an hourly basis at a rate of $100/hr. This means no breaks for me, no getting up for water, no talking with colleagues at the printer, no checking Facebook – all solid work.

Difficult Texts (Academic, ESL) Standard Texts
Substantive, structural, or stylistic editing ~2 pages/hr~3 pages/hr
Copy editing ~4 pages/hr~6 pages/hr
Proofreading ~6 pages/hr ~8 pages/hr