4 Steps to a Better Land Acknowledgement

By Alicia Hibbert & Rebecca Shortt

  1. Identify the lands where you learn(ed), live(d), and work(ed). Visit native-land.ca to find Indigenous territory names and nations for these areas.
  2. Incorporate (authentic) gratitude related to these territories.
  3. Identify your relations: your mentors, your communities, your family, & Indigenous communities and individuals you have learned from.
  4. Identify your relation to the work: your reasons for doing a land acknowledgment (in your own words), your motivation to do decolonization work, your inner gifts and wisdom, your privilege and commitments for change.

Feel free to get in touch with us to support you as you develop your own personal and authentic land acknowledgement. We are available for 1:1 support, including editing speaking notes, as well as team-based support through a workshop. Together, we bring a Metis and settler-ally perspectives.

National Indigenous History Month: 30 Day Engagement Challenge

Please join me and Rebecca Shortt on a 30 day challenge to engage meaningfully during National Indigenous History Month.

All activities are listed in the calendar below – click on the description for links!

All activities will be posted on my @edifiedprojects Instagram stories through June 2020 – these images will be made available here as a resource after June, so that you can continue the practice of decolonizing your personal and professional settings.

Photo by Drop the Label Movement on Unsplash

Click on the calendar below and navigate to June 2020 for an overview of events. Or, review our posts on Instagram from the same time period.


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Community Foundation and Canada Council for the Arts Grant Deadlines

Non-profits and other community partners often have limited capacity to plan, write, and submit operating and special projects grants. This list is intended to help with one step: keeping track of funding sources and deadlines.

This post is a repository of upcoming deadlines for individual and non-profit/community grants in Canada that are at least a month away (ie: they’re still achievable). I’ll update the list below monthly.

Canada Council for the Arts





Montreal & Toronto

More to come in 2020.