4 Steps to a Better Land Acknowledgement

By Alicia Hibbert & Rebecca Shortt

We’ve developed an easy 4-step process for you to make your own personal land acknowledgement.

  1. Identify the lands where you learn(ed), live(d), and work(ed). Visit native-land.ca to find Indigenous territory names and nations for these areas.
  2. Incorporate (authentic) gratitude related to these territories.
  3. Identify your relations: your mentors, your communities, your family, & Indigenous communities and individuals you have learned from.
  4. Identify your relation to the work: your reasons for doing a land acknowledgment (in your own words), your motivation to do decolonization work, your inner gifts and wisdom, your privilege and commitments for change.

Looking for a workshop from us about land acknowledgements? We have a 2-hour and 7-hour option on our Learning page, or contact us for customized learning.

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