Strategic Consulting

Alicia Hibbert
Project Management, Research, and Program Evaluation

Becca Shortt
Monica Naber
Monica Naber
Mental Health

Lena Bou Saleh
EDIB Strategy, Facilitation, & Inclusive Communications

Twiladawn Stonefish
Organizational Design, Research, & Program Evaluation

Ready to integrate EDIB, Indigenous engagement, and evaluation in your strategy and communications?

Our experience

We have senior leadership experience in workplace wellbeing, EDIB, mental health, Indigenous engagement, and research and evaluation in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

How we work

We work with your communications team, EDIB representatives, Human Resources staff and leaders, and other practitioners to develop strategy that is grounded in EDIB, reconciliation, and workplace mental health principles, and supported by evaluation.

Strategic consulting services


Our expertise is in workplace mental health and wellbeing and its intersections with EDIB and reconciliation. We can help you bring life to an existing organizational strategy, acting as a partner to develop workplace programming and commit to realistic action. We are also experts at helping you craft an organization-specific reconciliation action plan that directly connects with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. We ensure all internal stakeholders feel seen in the strategy.

Why choose our team? In addition to our subject matter expertise in mental health, Indigenous community engagement, EDIB, and applied social psychology, Alicia is a PMP and Scrum-certified project manager. We are supportive, friendly collaborators who will ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and with a high degree of transparency and efficiency. We will coach you on how to see your strategy through with agile techniques and tools. In fact, you can book Alicia to help you get started with a simple project management plan here.


Our team applies mixed methods approaches to evaluation. We can help you develop targets/KPIs and the tools needed to assess them, including surveys, interview or focus group questions, and other creative types of evaluation. Most importantly, we ensure evaluation has meaning – that it’s tied to your strategy or goals, and that it informs decision-making. Our practical focus helps ensure buy-in within your organization and maximizes resources.

Inclusive Communications

We specialize in reviewing and editing communications to ensure they are respectful of Indigenous Peoples and have an intersectional lens that supports EDIB principles. This can include helping your organization or team develop personalized, authentic Land Acknowledgements.

We make sure statements don’t forget content warning, we ensure a mention of residential school Survivors includes intergenerational Survivors, and more. Most important, we do this work in a way that always leaves you with bigger questions to consider or next steps you can take to deepen your learning. This is how we work to ensure communications aren’t a one-off/token activity.

We have experience working with non-profits, post-secondary, and various industries (banking, healthcare) to ensure communications are respectful. We are happy to work with you on communications that commemorate Orange Shirt Day / National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, National Indigenous History Month, Indigenous Peoples Day, and International Indigenous Peoples Day, among others. We will ensure communications are accurate in terms of your province’s labour laws (e.g. about the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation), if applicable.

Email to begin talking about how we can help you develop organizational strategy, EDIB and workplace mental health programs, or reconciliation action plans and the evaluation to support these initiatives.

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